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10 iPhone hacks I guarantee you don’t know


1. You can avoid clicking back, back, and back when deep into an app by long-pressing the back button.

2. You can interact with the volume dialog that pops up when you change the volume.

3. You can bring up a undo/redo/copy/paste toolbar by tapping one time with three fingers.

4. You can undo/redo by swiping left and right with three fingers

5. You can move your edit cursor by holding down space and dragging the cursor around.

6. You can quickly set a countdown by long pressing on the timer icon in the control center.

7. You can switch between the last used apps by swiping on the bar at the bottom of your phone.

8. You can disable unwanted App Review Requests by going to “Settings > App Store” and deselecting “In-App Ratings & Reviews.”

9. You can swipe left from your lock screen to open up your camera!

10. You can set up text shortcuts for commonly used tasks:

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement

I use:
• @@ for my private email

• work@ for work email

• feedbin@ for my @feedbin mail

• ,## for my phone number



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