Home News CRIME 25-Year-Old graduate of KNUST arrested for stabbing a lady to death

25-Year-Old graduate of KNUST arrested for stabbing a lady to death


A 25-year-old graduate of KNUST identified as Patrick Adu Gyamfi has been arrested for muřdering a 22-year-old lady who was visiting for the Christmas holidays at his friend’s mother’s residence in Kumasi on Tuesday, December 26, 2023.
During Patrick’s 3rd year at KNUST, he nearly dropped out of school due to financial problems. It reached a point where he was arrested for selling phones belonging to phone dealers he was working with just to continue his education.
One of Patrick’s closest friends, whom he has known since his Junior High School days, informed his mother about Patrick’s situation.
The mother, knowing well of their friendship since childhood, quickly rushed to the police station and insisted that she would pay every debt to get him released, which she did. Since then, his friend’s mother accommodated him in her house, took care of him, and paid his fees.
Patrick continued staying in the house, completed university, finished his National Service, and the woman helped him secure a job immediately after service.
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The family’s relationship with Patrick was improving until December 26, 2023, when the woman returned from a visit and saw an Uber driver leaving her house. She waited for the driver to leave before entering with her own car.
Immediately, she drove in she realised that Patrick was holding the hand of Akua Afriyie, a 22-year-old daughter of her friend, who had only come to the house on 22nd December for the Christmas holidays. She was surprised Patrick was moving her into the room because Akua had never met Patrick.
This prompted her to question them but before reaching the door she heard an unusual sound coming from the room. She quickly rushed into the room and, to her surprise, she found that Patrick had st@bbed Akua in the neck, back and hand.
The suspect attempted to attack her with a kn!fe but managed to escape. She quickly alerted the neighbors and the Uber driver who came to the house.
Unfortunately, Akua couldn’t surv!ve the deep cuts and suddenly p@ssed away. Patrick disappeared after the incident and was found just last two days at his hideout in Obuasi.
A friend of the suspect, Emmanuel Kwame Seyram who was the suspect’s mate at SHS was also arrested for harboring a murderer.


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