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4 things you’re not to tolerate from a man as a woman no matter how much you love him

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Dear women, today, we preview the four main notable things you should not tolerate from your man regardless of the love you have for him.

Relationships or marriage shouldn’t be a do-or-die affair, they are made to continue life legacies and family name. When the aforementioned motives change, please note and take the necessary step.

No matter how much you love your man, never entertain and tolerate these four following behaviors below from him.

1. Beating

In as much as some women naturally love to be abused by their men, about 99 percent hate it and even the laws of every country frown on it. Women, you deserve better and you should be treated like the queen that you are, no matter how much you earn or get from your man, regardless of how much you love and cherish him, an abusive marriage or relationship can send you to your early grave, please never tolerate that.

2. Verbal abuse

A verbally abusive man is as useless as a dog according to a world survey. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be related to a dog, if yes, then stay away from a verbally abusive man.

If you love him so much and still want to keep him, report him to highly respected people to have him talk to. If you see no changes in him, please flee and look elsewhere.

A verbally abusive man is as same as a man who beat his woman.

Just as we support ‘say no abusive man’ so must we all support and get rid of verbally abusive men.

3. Complaining excessively

Naturally, men are created to see and overlook things while women are expected to complain and nug following their emotions.

However, when it turns out to be the other way round then it should be avoided. Regardless of the years, incentives and the love you have for him, if your man possesses such character, please do away with him.

4. Cheating

Aside from breaking your heart, if your man cheats on you, he’s indirectly telling you that you are worthless and needless. Why? The answer is simple, you are a complete woman yet he’s choosing another over you, yes, that alone speaks volumes.

Women by nature are more jealous and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to share your man with any woman.

If you speak to him for change and he keeps ignoring your plea, my dear sister, run!!



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