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APPEAL: The Sad Story of Little Karlin Nana Adwoa Will Sadden Your Heart


Little Karlin needs your help please

Karlin Nana Adwoa Nhyira Quansa has been diagnosed of anorectal malformation ( small anal opening )

The pain and difficulty she goes through to pass a stool since she was born and for the past one year is very alarming and disheartening

She is still at home one month after her referral by doctors from Akwatia st Dominic’s hospital to Greater Accra regional hospital for further testing and surgery.

The parents having tried their possible best to raise money for the child to undergo the surgical operation has proven futile.

Doctors from st Dominic’s hospital have estimated the cost of surgery to be 10,000 cedis less or more

The parents especially the mother is appealing to individuals and organisations to come to the aid of the child.

All donations or support can be directed to madam Linda Asare ( Karlin’s mother)

Mr Martin Odoi ( lead campaigner for Karlin’s health needs) on 0243241991.

You can also contact his biological father Mr Joshua on 024891231

Please message the lead campaigner if donation is sent to madam Linda Asare’s number so that records can be updated.

For clarification sake, you can also call the CEO for TRENDING GHANA, Elder Smart on 0243910155. 

God richly bless you, protect you, and heal you even as you donate and or share this campaign to touch someone’s heart to help our little sister. No amount is too small. Your donations of 5, 10, 50, 100 cedis or more can go a long way to help our dear little sister.



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