The chief of Banda a suburb in the Krachi Nchumuru District of the OTI Region, Nana Akwasi Omankuminte ll is appealing for a military camp at Kpandai and a police station at Kumdi to curb in security in the area.



The chief made this Appeal through the District Chief Executive for Kpandai District Hon.Atta Kofi Emmanuel Tatabilata through the Northern Regional Security Council and the Ghana Police Authority to establish a police station at Kumdi which serve as the center for some of his catchment towns such as Bankanba or if possible a military camp should be based at Kpandai, the District capital to curb or to maintain peace and order in the area which Kumdi and Bankanba are towns under his jurisdiction.




The chief made this statement during his address on the occasion of the maiden celebration of the TEKPANG DJUNDUAI Festival of the chief and people of Banda TEKPANG traditional area in the Krachi Nchumuru District of the OTI Region which according to him, security is a threat to the people in those areas.



The Chief also applaud the NPP government led by President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo in doing so much in Road construction.

He said the roads from Krachi to Dambai lake side, from Banda Junction through Banda to Kpandai have been constructed and also use the platform to Advice the Oti Regional high way Ministry to get a routine maintenance team to take care of the weaker portions of the road for its long lasting.



He also expressed his profound appreciation and gratitude to President Akufo Addo and the NPP government for fulfilling their Developmental agenda to the nation by implementing the Free SHS policy, the expansion of the School feeding Program,One Village One Dam,One District One Factory and a few to mention.

Using the opportunity to enumerate some of the social needs through the Oti Regional Minister to President Akufo Addo and the authorities concern for their redress assistance and support, the Chief said, Banda is the largest Community in the Krachi Nchumuru District Agreeably which the town can boast of Six Junior High School with a large catchment area but has no any Higher Institution to cater for the numerous Students that complete from these schools to continue their second cycle education.

The chief is there appealing to Oti Regional Minister to liaise with the Minister of Education to establish one higher institute, Technical/Vocational institute or a Senior High School in the area.

Water is still a worry to citizens of Banda.Taps are been mounted all over the town, but water does not flow.
The chief is also Appeal to Oti Regional Minister to the Ghana Water Company to come to their aid before dry season set in.

Sanitation is also another Challenge to the people of Banda which the chief said, Open defecation is still rampant in the area.


He said New toilets facilities have been put up by government but have not been completed and therefore appealing to the government through the Oti Regional Minister to release funds to the contractor to complete the abandoned toilet facilities in the area.

The chief also mentioned about the construction of the death trap roads in the Krachi Nchumuru District such as Boafori__Anyinamae through Chinderi to Banda roads, the death trap Bridge across the Nkpabiri stream at Zongo Macheri,and also Banda through Bankanba to Kumdi need immediate attention as a matter of urgency.

The Banda main station needs to be tarred to enable vehicles have a convenient place to park and also load Yams that are from the Banda Market. The market square itself needs to be graveled to make business run smoothly the chief said.

The history of this TEKPANG DJUNDUAI Festival is that, the TEKPANG people form part of the Banda Division of the Nchumuru tribe. Among the Banda the Tekpang people has their own stool Namely (Katerkpangya) meaning the Hunter’s stool with its traditional seat at Banda.

Historical,the Tekpang’s are Hunters.
It is through their hunting expedition that they discovered their stool.


The towns under the Tekpang stool includes;Banda, Banda Katekpai in the Krachi Nchumuru District of the OTI Region,Kumdi and Bankanba also in Kpandai District of the Northern Region.

The Tekpang people were very brave warriors and fought so many wars, one important war was the Par (gyakyane)war.

The Tekpang people and for that matter Nchumurus were named war Captains in their history.

It suffices to mentioned that before Tekpang people undertake any of their expeditions, they contacted DJUNDUAI for guidance and protection.

They went and returned without loss of lives. It is in this light this festival is initiated to honour the gods and heros who brought them this far.

The significance of this festival cannot be over emphasized without its religious, political, Social, Cultural, Historical and Economic gains concerned.

The festival enable the people to appreciate the good works of the fetish DJUNDUAI or God and solicit for prosperity, good health, bumper harvest for the fourth coming years.

The festival also brings about tribal and family reunion.

Politically it offers the chief the opportunity to re_assent the authority over his sub chiefs and subjects culturally.

The rich Cultural heritage if the Nchumurus is portrayed through dance, drumming, songs,and chieftaincy in addition to all traditional values of the festival where the youth learned their culture.



Source: Odehyeba Owusu Job


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