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Citizens For Truth and Accountability Ghana (CITAG) call on the Ministry Of Lands And Natural Resources to Review the Green Ghana Project


Citizens For Truth And Accountability Ghana [CITAG]  has released an official statement signed by convener Mr. Clement C. Blay expressing its profound gratitude to the government, all individuals and institutions who were partakers of planting of trees during the Green Ghana Day on June 11, 2022 to make the exercise a success.

CITAG believes that trees offer many benefits to homeowners, the communities, and the nation by offering shade and beauty, privacy, windbreak, good health, etc. but these benefits are only enjoyed when the right trees are planted and protected at the right place or geographical location.

That’s because,  the space we have available for new trees often dictates how well that tree will grow and how it would be managed over time matching the attributes of a species to the limitations of the soil which will ultimately determine how well your new tree will grow and deliver the benefit that is expected of it.

In view of this CITAG propose that, the Green Ghana Project must be reviewed to cater for sustainable afforestation that is not limited to just planting of new trees but focus on how and where species’ of trees are planted (specific regions or locations).

CITAG is calling on the Ministry Of Lands And Natural Resources to review the Green  Ghana Project and work out a strategy where the trees to be planted would be economic trees with special focus per year or per region or area. Examples of such trees of interest are Coconut, Timber, Wawa, Nim, Rosewood, Shea trees etc. whiles accounting for the funds used in 2021 and in 2022 respectively.

CITAG wish to state that, the planting of trees should not be a one-day affair but it should become a means for employment and a part of our culture and education system to protect our environment and ensure good health.

CITAG is demanding from the ministry an accountability on the status of the trees planted from June, 2021, the facts and figures on monies utilized, failures, challenges and progresses made so far.

CITAG is urging that the Green Ghana initiative should not be a mere ceremonial and yearly observation but a daily habit-a deliberate means to ensure protection of nature and a sustained source of employment, sustained throughout the year and beyond because the rate at which we are losing our forest cover to illegal and legal human activities keeps increasing. Trees planted must be nurtured to grow and protected  with the same energy whilst protecting existing trees.

CITAG state that, whilst they’re not against the planting of new trees, they believe the focus should be more on protecting existing trees which nature has bestowed on us with a well planned strategy.

Their checks reveals that, the country has looked on for these existing trees to be destroyed through neglect and lack of maintenance. Trees planted need proper nurturing that would ensure their growth, and could also be an avenue for employment for the citizenry.

CITAG is therefore by this Press Release reminding the government to intensify ‘Visit Your Tree’ campaign to stir up excitement and let Ghanaians appreciate the planting exercise. This they say, will ignite a sense of responsibility on our part as citizens.



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