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Coition is becoming cheap lately; University student narrates how he had intercourse with a teacher trainee


I am a third year student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and I have this female friend whom I met on facebook about two weeks ago. We chat and share secret and stuffs but we haven’t met before. She is a teacher in a training college in Kumasi and in level 200. She stays at Konongo and we have been planning to meet each other countless time but it doesn’t succeed. Recently, the teacher training colleges were having games, so she texted me that she wants to come and pay me a visit. I was surprised but I played cool. I gave her the permission to come and she was like “ei won’t your girlfriend beat me” and I said nope. We threw that convo into the trash can and decided on which day she will come; we finally settled on Tuesday because I wasn’t having lectures on that day and she also felt like that was the perfect time for her. Mind you we had played truth or dare where we exchanged nudes and she kinda like the shape and length of my prick.

Sunday afternoon after church she texted that if it won’t distract me in any way, she wants to sleep over that Tuesday and go to school on Wednesday evening. It was at that moment I realized she had an ulterior motive. So, I quickly asked my roommate if he had any plans, he told me that he will be leaving on Monday to his girlfriends and come back on Saturday. I texted her back to let her know that she is free to spend the night at my place. After she got my text, she sent me a picture of her clitoris on whatsapp which was set to be viewed once. Finally, Tuesday came; so around 9am she texted me that she is at tech junction waiting for me to come and pick her up. We exchange hugs when I got there. Albeit she was taller than me, I fell in love with her true physique because was always sending me pictures in what we call in popular Ghanaian parlance as ‘Osofo maamedress’. It there she alerted me that her boyfriend is also in my school so we should hurry up and go to my hostel before her boyfriend sees her. Apparently, her boyfriend wanted her to come and visit him but she declined and used that opportunity to come and rather see me.

We took bolt to my hostel. She liked the place when we entered, asked about my roommate and I told her he had gone home. She smiled and hugged me with joy upon hearing that. I turned on my television and connected my laptop to it. I quickly went out to get some snacks and drinks from Happy Family Hostel. After eating and done with the movie we were watching, it was around 5pm so I went out again to buy jollof rice whiles she changed into my orange shirt together with one of my big shorts I wear to bed every night. She went to the bathroom and came back wearing only the top and some indomie pant (lingerie). She then started laughing and told me that the shirt doesn’t look good on her so she took it off, leaving only her bra. Honestly, she has an amazing body. Her ass wasn’t too big but she had wide hips with some nice stretch marks on them. Her boobs were as big as watermelon, and the nipples were standing like the walls of Jericho. I was just on the bed staring at her, and she said if I don’t get her something to wear, she’ll be there like that. I quickly replied that it’s nice to be in that state. Suddenly, she came and laid beside me. I was admiring her boobs and tried to touch them but stopped. She told me to feel free and do whatever I want. I used the Jet Lee style to remove the bra under two seconds to get full view of her watermelon boobs. I didn’t want to copulate with her at that time because I was charging my music box; I didn’t want her to moan loudly without me playing music. All that I was wearing my shorts. I went to telegram to play some cool naughty playlist, turned off the lights in the room whiles the lights in the balcony were on. I then put all my Kamasutra styles into action whiles I was kissing her; one hand on her nipple, and the other hand on her clitoris caressing it gently whiles she moans softly. She was very wet and she smelled good too (ei 3tw3 na 3hwam sei). I then asked her with some romantic tone, can I go down on you, bestie? She quickly pushed my head there and my tongue touched the wet honey pussy. She had this big clitoris that was filled with creampie, and I then got ice cream from my fridge and spread some from her abdomen through the vulva and around her thighs and on the clitoris. I then went on my knees and reached her boobs then started licking the ice cream from her abdomen down to her clit. I left the boobs alone and started eating the coochie like my life depended on it while she was moaning with pleasure. I licked and fingered her for about 10 minutes before we went to the main action. We had 3 rounds of copulation, went to wash ourselves and came and laid down on the bed. I took her phone and realized she had the boyfriend as her wallpaper. He had called about 6 times, she called back and told him she was doing something for her madam so they should speak later. She then put the phone in flight mode and gave her one spooning before we slept.

We woke up at 5am and she started giving me head and sucked my balls so well that I nearly lost my mind. We made out and she later went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for us to eat– she left 3pm. We all agreed on not dating but solely coitus. She now wants to break up with her boyfriend and be with me but I have girlfriend too.


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