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Don’t Blame God Or Witches For The Bad Things That’s Happening In Your life – Efia Odo



A well known Ghanaian actress, a socialite, a former presenter at Kwesi TV and entrepreneur, Andrea Owusu, who is popularly known as Efia Odo has taken to  social media to advise her fans and the general public to be more positive in life.

An early hours of Tuesday 8th June, 2021, the social media influencer left a motivational message on her official facebook page for her  followers.

According to the  actress, people turn to blame God for the bad things which happen to them forgetting that, it is their own negative mindset that’s haunting them.

She says that, even though society does not make it easy but staying pure hearted to oneself attract positive things.

“ Good morning everyone I really urge you  to be more positive in life. When you  are positive you will attract positivity. If you are negative you will attract negativity then you will blame God or ‘witches’ for all the bad things happening in life forgetting that you have a bad mind and you think negative about people” she said.

She went further to say that, “ I know society doesn’t make it easy but in the end, staying pure hearted will help you. You can only attract what you are, so be positive and attract positive, enjoy your day” she wrote.

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By: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma/trendingghana.net 


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