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DOWNLOAD FILES: Teachers’ Scheme of Work & Lesson Notes Across All Levels Made Available


DOWNLOAD FILES: Teachers’ Scheme of Work & Lesson Notes Across All Levels Made Available


Trendingghana.net in responding to teachers’ request for their teaching resources has put together all the termly scheme of work and lesson notes across the basic level. Download the PDF files below and share with your colleagues:


1. RE DOWNLOAD UPPER PRIMARY SCHEME OF WORK - 1st Term (21888 downloads)

2. DOWNLOAD JHS SCHEME OF WORK - 1st Term (8134 downloads)

3. ENGLISH-SYLLABUS-B1-B3.pdf (9626 downloads)

4. ENGLISH-SYLLABUS-B4-B6.pdf (6761 downloads)





5. HISTORY-CURRICULUM-B1-B6.pdf (8475 downloads)

6. RME-CURRICULUM-B1-B6.pdf (6957 downloads)

7. CREATIVE-ARTS-CURRICULUM-B4-B6.pdf (4322 downloads)



8. 30-MATHS-STARTERS.pdf (8324 downloads)

9. CREATIVE-ARTS-SYLLABUS-B4-B6.pdf (2634 downloads)

10. GHANAIAN-LANGUAGE-CURRICULUM-B4-B6.pdf (3652 downloads)

11. ICT-SYLLABUS-B1-B6.pdf (5636 downloads)




12. MATHEMATICS-CURRICULUM-B4-B6.pdf (6424 downloads)

13. PHYSICAL-EDUCATION-SYLLABUS-B1-B6.pdf (2891 downloads)

14. SCIENCE-CURRICULUM-B1-B3.pdf (6043 downloads)




15. SCIENCE-CURRICULUM-B4-B6.pdf (3760 downloads)

16. SCIENCE-SYLLABUS-B4-B6.pdf (2529 downloads)



17. KG2-TERM-ONE-SCHEME-OF-LEARNING-LESSON-NOTES-WEEK-1-12.pdf (10139 downloads)

18. B1-TERM-ONE-SCHEME-OF-LEARNING-LESSON-NOTES-WEEK-1-12.pdf (11195 downloads)

19. B3-TERM-ONE-SCHEME-OF-LEARNING-LESSON-NOTES-WEEK-1-12.pdf (12078 downloads)



20. B4-TERM-ONE-SCHEME-OF-LEARNING-LESSON-NOTES-WEEK-1-12.pdf (13178 downloads)

21. B5-TERM-ONE-SCHEME-OF-LEARNING-LESSON-NOTES-WEEK-1-12.pdf (11499 downloads)

22. B6-TERM-ONE-SCHEME-OF-LEARNING-LESSON-NOTES-WEEK-1-12.pdf (11774 downloads)

23. SHS-ENGLISH-SYLLABUS-1-3.pdf (3543 downloads)


24. Teachers-short-Handbook.pdf (8279 downloads)

25. GES-ALL-ROUNDS-STARTERS.pdf (6422 downloads)

26. GES-CODE-OF-CONDUCT.pdf (5536 downloads)












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  1. I sometimes have a great worry how teachers in this country are been treated especially this recent speculation about the distribution of the teachers laptops. It is alleged that, govnment will bare 70% whiles the initiating teacher bares the remaining 30%. Is very pathetic on this move by our so called teachers union to agree on this. Look at this analysis: 1) when the new iPads at parliament house was installed did any single MP bare any cost? 2) When essential drugs and other materials are distributed to the doctors and nurses at the hospital to enable them execute thier work effectively, did they bare any of the cost? 3) Govnment was able to distribute free uniforms, free calculators, 3 free square meals, mathematical sets to each student across the country and even to the xtend of paying the registration fee for each final year in the SHS but it wasn’t a burden on him. Though am not against this good initiative he is doing but at the central initiating teacher who is going to implement your good policies on the new education policy you can’t even motivate him with a free laptop but rather xpecting him to bare 30% of the cost. The scanty salary of the Ghanaian teacher takes care of his medical bills, transportation fare, even buying TLM’S on his or her own, paying of rent bills , electricity and water bills, bares the cost of transferring him or her to a new station. However our MP’S and other government officials freely enjoys most of the expenses mentioned above. At least the teacher deserves to be treated well without any nepotism with regards to govnment workers. Don’t let us forget that, the pen and the chalk of the teacher is mightier than the sword. Enough is enough that our reward is in Heaven. Let’s also enjoy the national cake. Very SAD.


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