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Ghanaian Commercial Driver Smacked by K.M.A city Guards


The city guards of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) have allegedly beaten up a commercial driver. The incident is said to have happened in the full glare of a police officer on duty at the Kejetia Lorry Terminal. The driver sustained a degree of injuries as a result of the live wire they used in whipping him.

According to Robert, the victim of the incident, he tried preventing the city guards from towing his truck after a police officer arrested him at the terminal for loading passengers at an illegal location which started the brawl.
The Driver alleged he was harassed by the guards despite paying a 20 cedis settlement fee to the police officer who arrested him.

On this occasion, the driver claims that he didn’t understand why he was asked pay the city guards extra 50 Ghana cedis after sorting out with the police. His resistance led to severe beatings, wounding him on the spot with a live wire and making away with 795 Ghana cedis sales.

Robert told the media that, “I’m a commercial driver, I ply from Kejetia to Offinso, this morning, I picked passengers at the Kejetia roundabout and was arrested by the police officer there, so he asked that I drop the people with an escort by a KMA city guard, I met the officer with the city guard and sorted the officer out so he asked the city guard to lead me and get my vehicle. When we got there, the city guards also asked for their share of 50 cedis, I told them I had already settled that with the officer, they got infuriated and asked the towing car to tow my car, when I resisted, they started beating me with live wire and made away with my car owner’s sale of 795 Ghana cedis,” he said.

The city guards became enraged, according to the victim, after their colleague informed them that he had handed the officer 20Ghc
The driver is seen in a video with blood stains, meanwhile city authorities are demanding 500Ghc before they release the car.



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