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Go For Money Instead Of Love – A Popular Musician Advised Her Teenage Daughter


Go For Money Instead Of Love – A Popular Musician Advised Her Teenage Daughter


A Kenyan musician and a business woman known as Akothee has asked her teenage daughter to go for money first before considering love.


The musician made this statement in a video with the daughter by name rue baby.

” My daughter if you go for money, love will come, when you go for love, money will never come. You better cry in Dubai than cry in Kanyamkago. Go for money my dear” she advised.



This has not been the first time the mother of five has made such statement when it comes to dating issues.



In 2018, she was accused of encouraging Kenyan women to do gold digging. And responding to that she again said;
“ They already call us gold diggers, so my sister just dig, even if you are digging inside someone’s nose, dig a diga, men who can not control a woman financially have too many mouth, they gossip more than women? They fear the truth and spread the rumors faster than lightning “ she wrote.



The controversial Kenyan musician once went hard on men who don’t have the finance to take care of their relationship. In attacking the men she said: “ No woman will stay in relationship where she is the one to spend on you! Whether you are partner or friends. Another man will come who knows her worth and you will be forgotten!”



She went further to question the societal roles men are trying to change by insisting even from the beginning men are to provide.

“A woman paying bills for a man is a turn-off. Men were to provide from day one in the Bible, however small, a woman is to submit”

If I pay your bills once, just know that’s the first and the last date my friend. I better save that money I am spending on you for my children’s future. And call that account failed relationship account; so I know how much I was to spend on you and you will anyway leave me”


We are not rehabilitation centers. And waiter and waitresses stop bringing bills on my side every time I sit with men! Unless it’s my father or brothers! The rest must pay, either the whole bill or weather they took, let no one order with my name in a bar! Saying Akothee said I should take a bottle”, she fumed .


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