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Here are Six signs that shows that you’re not ready for marriage


Are you thinking or asking questions about when and how you will get married because you’ve been with your partner for long?

Well, don’t just get up and conclude, there are more to look out for and consider. You might be mistaken if you jump to a hasty conclusion and end up taking the wrong decision which might land you in sorrow for the rest of your life.

1. You hide secrets from your partner.

If you are someone who keeps secrets or you’ve been keeping a secret from your suitor or you are someone who does that, then consider not getting married because it’s dangerous being in a secretive marriage.

When your partner finds out all the secrets, it might be th3 end of your whatnot relationship.

2. The relationship lacks trust.

Relationships these days have been dying simply because both partners have issues with trust. Yes, it’s never a sin or anything bad because we are humans and sometimes our insecurities end us in a corner we never dreamed of.

However, it’s advisable not to nurse the idea of marriage because it might kill the marriage at its tender age and the children might bear the consequences when that happens.

It’s advisable to know the person you planning of getting married to, know where she or he is at any time snd what he or she does. I think it’s the best way to overcome relationship issues in relationships.

3. You see divorce to be the only option.

Theoretically, couples are meant to be for the rest of their lives hence the vow ‘for the better for worst’ on wedding days.

If you have any opposite idea to this, my dear, marriage isn’t your thing. Forget about the recent happenings in the world. If you get into marriage, your pedigree in life elevates. To know that you are ready to get married, consider it a journey of no return and that regardless of what will happen, either good or bad, you will cope.

4. You avoid discussing money.

Higher demands are one of the main reasons behind recent divorce cases and the collapse of marriages.

Discussing money in marriage when things are not going on well makes one have divergent ideas.

It’s will be the greatest mistake if your life if you get married to someone who has no idea of his or her financial status.

They may have a lot of debt, and this could put a strain on your relationship in the future.

5. Fights  and misunderstanding become your routine.

Since you are coming from different backgrounds, fights and misunderstandings may set in your relationship but it’s up to you to put your ego aside and do things right. If you are someone who easily swallows your pride and put things in order after a fight in a relationship, my dear, you are one a kind and I would personally need you to see me for a special award.

However, if you do the otherwise, please don’t think if getting married because it might turn out to be bloody.

6. You are still thinking about your breakup.

Don’t get into a marriage with your frustrations from your past relationship, that will be unfair on the side of your suitor because he or she might be innocent.

Get over whatever that happened in the past, let the past guide you to make good decisions in your present, never repeat the same mistakes in your present relationship and trust me, you will have a good relationship.

Doing the otherwise means you are nowhere ready to start a marriage regardless of your age, class, status or credentials.


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