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I always watch my sisters go to school while I stay home – Rasta student



I always watch my sisters go to school while I stay home – Rasta student





Tyrone Iras Marhguy, the dreadlock would-be student of Achimota Senior High School, says while he awaits the verdict of a suit at the High Court, he has to stay home and watch his two other siblings go to school every day.

Marhguy born triplet, successfully secured admission into the prestigious Achimota school by the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) of the Ghana Education Service (GES) but had to be denied enrolment due to his hairstyle.




In a post on his Facebook timeline, he posted a picture of his two other siblings who are girls in their school uniform and wrote:

“Coolest thing ever was to be born triplets with these wonderful young ladies!! I always watch them go to school while I stay home. But I’m awaiting something good from the court, gives me hope!!”


The family of Tyrone Iras Marhguy has sued authorities of Achimota Senior High School for discrimination on the basis of his dreadlocks.





The suit filed at a High Court cites the school’s authorities as having violated the rights of the student by their decision to reject his admission because of his dreadlocks.


The Marghuys are demanding that the court makes a declaration to the effect that the school’s action is “a violation of his right to education guaranteed under Articles 25(1)(b), 28(4) of the 1992 Constitution.”

“…There is no lawful basis for [Achimota School] to interfere with the applicant’s right to education based on his Rasta through which he manifests or expresses his constitutionally guaranteed right to religion and to practice and manifest same,” the family has argued in the lawsuit.




As part of its demands, the family wants “an order directed at [Achimota School] to immediately enrol the applicant to continue with his education unhindered.”

They are also demanding compensation, for the “inconvenience, embarrassment, waste of time, and violation of his fundamental human right and freedoms”




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