Home Entertainment ‘I Hate Gays With Passion’- Gospel Star, Great Ampong

‘I Hate Gays With Passion’- Gospel Star, Great Ampong


‘I Hate Gays With Passion’- Gospel Star, Great Ampong

Great Ampong did not mince words at all when he said in a recent interview that he harbours extreme hatred for homosexuals and the other corresponding sexual orientations who are fighting for their rights to be recognized in Ghana. 

The former serial hitmaker told Fiifi Praat on Kingdom FM that homosexuals are weak people with an ungodly persona who don’t deserve to occupy the same space as straight people.

He’s heard saying: ‘They are not strong. Everyone who I’ve seen to be gay is not strong physically, they are just weak people with weak minds. They don’t have anything, people claim that they are powerful, they are not. We have produced song against them if they are powerful they should come after us.

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We hate them we are against them. I’m told they said we should not hate them but for me, I hate them will all that is within me. Anything God hates, I also hate it.’

He said people who are ready stop can be helped through prayers and counselling indicating that homosexuality is influenced by evil spirits.


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