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“I’m feeling sleepy” –This is the best way to say it…[Click Here]


English they say is difficult to be elaborated on. Do you buy that idea and philosophy? Well, it depends. Probably you’ve not made the effort to make yourself better or improve in some aspect. Using one phrase for days certainly becomes a cliche. Consider the technological world we live in now.

You would certainly want to exploit new ways of expressing yourself without abusing the English language.

Ready to learn? Alright! Let’s do this. Most times, it is only one word we say when we want to retire to bed after a hectic, long, and stressful day. We mostly say ‘I’m feeling sleepy” which is not wrong in any way. Now, won’t you want to improve and say different words when chatting with your friends online. I’m sure you would want to.

Well let’s make a quick stop here and learn something new. Something you probably know or do not know. Remember we learn to unlearn. Now, let’s start.

Instead of saying “I’m tired, I want to sleep”, ignore the word ‘tired’ even though it’s not wrong and consider the following 9 words;

  • Drowsy
  • Sluggish
  • Slumberous
  • Dull
  • Lethargic
  • Sleepyheaded
  • Soporiferous
  • Dormitive
  • Dozy

In a way or two, you’ve come across these words or today might be your first time. Seize the opportunity to learn something new. The above words directly replace tiredness and sleep.

Instead of using tired and sleepy in any of your chats and conversations, try the above words.

Sound different and entice your conversers to find meanings of your words during a chat or conversation. It’s a way of impacting and forcing them to learn also.

It’s good to be educated considering the world we live in now and where we are heading.

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