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JUST IN: Rawlings’ death was too easy; I feel cheated because he killed my father by firing squad – Acheampong’s daughter



On June 17, 1979 General Ignatius Kutu Acheampong who served as a head of State for six years and Lt. General E.K. Utuka were hit with a charge of using their positions to amass wealth while in office and recklessly dissipating state funds to the detriment of the country.


They were executed at the centre of Accra by a military firing squad per orders by Jerry John Rawlings. Few hours after the death of Former President Jerry John Rawlings, daughter of Gen. Ignatius Kutu Acheampong, Nana Serwaa Acheampong has released a statement revealing that he never hated Rawlings for killing his father but what make her feel cheated is that unlike how her father died, Rawlings’ death has been so easy and comfortable. According to her Rawlings never regretted the pain she caused her and never said sorry.


Nana Serwaa Acheampong despite the believe among Ghanaians that her father was absolutely corrupt and deserved what he got claims she feels she has been rubbed considering how easy Jerry Rawlings died. Read her full post on Facebook below: “Fmr. President J.J. Rawlings is dead said my visitor, I said it’s fake news! What’s the source I asked, Graphic online he said. Then it must be true. How? Was he sick? We hadn’t heard that he was sick.


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