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Just In: Veteran Ghanaian musician dies at age 79…[Click for Details]


Death is indeed inevitable. It comes when you are not expecting it. It came knocking on the door of a Ghanaian veteran musician and he responded. Ghanaian highlife legend AB Crentisil has died. He passed on on Wednesday July 13, 2022 and was 79 years old. The cause of AB Crentsil’s death is yet to be revealed publicly.

Sound engineer Fred Kyei Mensah popularly known in the public space as Fredymawho declared AB Crentsil’s death to the general public.

He posted: “FAREWELL AB CRENSTIL. The original composer and singer of the famous and controversial songs, ‘Moses and Atia’, AB Crenstil, has died! He had a stint with a lot of bands before joining the Sweet Talks Band with Smart Nkansah and then his own band, Ahenfo. His hit songs, ‘Juliana and Obi ba wiase’, cannot be forgotten”

Best of AB Crentsil songs are:

.I Go Pay You Tomorrow

· Angelina

· Atia Special

· Juliana

· Ye Wo Adze Oye

· Biribi Dze Mu

· Devil

· Ma Mendwene Meho.


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