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Lady narrates how she had sex with her Elder brother


Incest is one of the things every community globally taboo, but day in day out, people share their stories about incest which isn’t something new. An unidentified woman has shared a post explaining how she had sex with her elder brother which she has been secretly admiring for some time now. She’s remorseful and she hopes God forgives her.

In the post she wrote, “Mehn!!! My own I need to take communion!!! My elder brother had this urge to fuck him cuz anything he (removing his shirt) and I see his packs, I always imagine he was all mine??? This fateful day my parents went out to a wedding, we were drinking at home and cracking jokes so he asked me if I am to change something what will I change, and I said the fact that he is my brother cuz have always wanted to have a taste of his dick cuz anytime he wears short, I see the shape and curve of his dick, man!! It’s fucking big, so he laughed and the next thing he did again that is always turning my head, he was naked and this time around he was practically naked from head to toe. Daughter of Jezebel!!! Gave him the best head he has ever collected and we had sex, I squirt all over his bed and we were laughing afterward, then I had to move out of the house cuz I can’t face the shame that I had sex with my elder brother but he don’t want to leave me, still now we kept having sex. I can’t resist him and he can’t do the same to me too. I pray God forgive me.”

Below is a copy of the post;


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