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Men, these will make you mentally strong


1. Keep things in perspective.

When times get tough, always remember that things could be worse; try to avoid blowing things out of proportion.

In cultivating resilience it helps to keep a long-term perspective when facing difficult or painful events.

2. Make Gratitude a Priority

Practicing gratitude is one of the greatest things you can do for your mental health.

Gratitude will help you realise all the good you have in your life, and be able to appreciate it.

3. Manage Stress

Our ability to manage stress plays a large role in our ability to build mental stamina. Useful techniques for managing stress include meditation and progressive muscle relaxation. It’s important to remember that you are in control and of your mental state

4. Get More Sleep

It’s no secret that getting enough sleep is vital to our physical and mental functioning in everyday life.

A sufficient amount of sleep is said to be seven to nine hours, or more if you are performing high-stress activities, both physical and mental.

5. Use Visualization

Visualization is an excellent tool for:

• Managing stress

• Overwhelming situations

• Performance anxiety.

Close your eyes and imagine a time that you succeeded in a similar situation.

6. Plan for Setbacks

Life most certainly does not always go the way we hoped or planned that it would. It’s important to re-center yourself and regain focus after a setback, as opposed to dwelling on the loss or misfortune.

7. Take decisive actions.

Instead of shying away from problems and stresses, wishing they would just go away, try to take decisive action whenever possible. Stop overthinking, Start doing.

8. Men, if you want to:

• Be disciplined

• Be mentally strong


Get ‘Iron Clad Discipline’ and become a top tier man!

9. Exercise

Exercise not only benefits your physical body but your mind as well. Mental benefits of exercise include improved focus, memory retention, and stress and anxiety management.


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