The Offinso Municipal Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) launched this year’s Annual Citizenship week celebration on Wednesday 26, May 2021 in the Offinso Municipality with a host of educational talks to selected basic schools to mention but few; Salvation Army Basic school at Anyinasuso, Camp 31 M/A Basic school, Samproso M/A basic school, Kayera/Awisem M/A basic school. The weeklong celebration is usually celebrated from 26th May to June 2, 2021 each year.




The theme for this year’s weeklong celebration is premised from the Commission’s broad theme for the year ‘We are one, Ghana First’. The chosen theme is a call to all citizens both young and old to put Ghana first in everything they do. It was also to instill and promote unity and national cohesion among Ghanaian citizenry as enshrined in Article 35 (5) of the 1992 Constitution.



The weeklong celebration also creates the platform for important personalities who are considered worthy as role models in our society to interact and impact virtues of good citizenship to the pupils.





Speaking at one of the programme held at Namong SDA Basic School on 27/5/2021, Mr. Emmanuel Oduro (Municipal Director) briefed the pupils about the rationale behind the celebration of the Citizenship Week every year.





He said the citizenship week celebration focuses on the basic schools and is meant to inculcate in the pupils the values of a good citizen and also to remind them of their responsibilities and the roles they can play to build a prosperous democratic Ghana.




Mr. Emmanuel again reiterated that the theme for the 2021 citizenship week was premised on the broad theme of the Commission for the year and that is ‘WE ARE ONE, GHANA FIRST’. He went on to tell them that the Commission engages persons in leadership position to interact and impact in them the virtues of good citizenship so as to become responsible adult in future. He then introduced the resource person to the pupils and urged them to pay attention to the Resource Person as he takes them through the theme for the celebration.





The resource person in the personality of Mr. Thomas Owusu Agyemang from CHRAJ took the floor and started educating the pupils on the theme. He began by asking the pupils their understanding about the theme for the celebration. He informed them that the theme is calling on them to be united and to put Ghana first in everything they do. He said the country can only progress if we accept that we are one irrespective of who we are, where we are from, the language we speak, the faith we believe in as guaranteed by the 1992 Constitution and therefore must be respected then the country can progress.





He said if we accept that we are one people with a common destiny and live in peace with each other, respecting the rights of others then the development we want would be accomplished.
He went on to informed them that, Ghana is rich in culture and national songs which are patriotic songs. He asked them what patriotism is, and asked them to mention some of the patriotic songs and symbols. He told them that these songs carry inspirational words which charges the youth of Ghana to stand up for Ghana. He asked them to sing one of the songs, ‘’Arise Ghana youth’’.



The resource person went ahead to educate them on what Article 41 of the constitution says about the duties of a citizen of Ghana.


He informed them that these duties are calling on all Ghanaians especially the youth with some responsibilities to perform such as;

To promote the prestige and good name of Ghana and respect the national symbols
To uphold and defend the Constitution and the law
Foster national unity and live in harmony with others
Protect and safeguard the environment
Respect the right of others
Take part in clean up exercises either in school or in their communities
Abstain from drugs and alcohol
Protect public property
All these points were explained to their understanding by the resource person.





In conclusion, the resource person made them to be aware that the nation belongs to them and that they are the makers of tomorrow. He admonished them that what they will do today will reflect in their tomorrow so they should be disciplined in all facets of life and help raise the campaign awareness on the theme ‘We are one, Ghana first’’.
He then asked them to say salutation
Long live the young generation
Long live the 1992 Constitution
Long live Ghana



The programme was highly participated with meaningful contribution from the pupils. The head teacher, Mr. Tachie Richard commended NCCE for selecting their school ones again in this year’s Citizenship Week Celebration. He thanked the organizers of the programme and appealed to the Commission to continue to remember their school at all times.





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