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Peeing whiles shivering; this is what you need to know


Pee Shivers is normal. Have you ever felt some shivers while passing urine? Yes, this is a thing. It is called exactly what it is. Pee Shivers. Pee shivers occur in both sexes but it is common in men.

What causes it?

There are several theories which explain how Pee Shivers come about.

One theory has it that passage of urine causes a slight drop in your body temperature. The body’s natural mechanism tries to correct this drop by triggering shivering.

Another theory is that, peeing causes a drop in blood pressure as a result of effect on certain nerves on the bladder. This blood pressure drop triggers the body to release chemicals called catecholamines  which aim to correct the blood pressure. A side effect of this Catecholamine surge is shivering. Whatever is the case, remember that slight shivering when you are taking a pee is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about. However this does not mean that you should ignore unusual things while passing urine. These unusual things are Fainting, Dizziness, Burning sensation while passing urine, Blood in urine. These ones are danger signs and you should see a Doctor ASAP.


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