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Press Release: Teachers Demanding Their Immediate Upgrading to Various Ranks, Threatens To Go On Strike


Press Release: Teachers Demanding Their Immediate Upgrading to Various Ranks, Threatens To Go On Strike


As a matter or urgency, take time and go through the ordeal of Ghanaian teachers and how they are being treated by the Government in their press release below :



We greet you all men and women of the media fraternity. We invite you here to witness our press release for very good reasons. We appreciate your presence and honouring of our invitation. We as teachers in this country must clearly state that we are with deep pain and sorrow to put our message across through this press release. Day in day out, stakeholders in Education and even our employer urge and advice us to climb high the academic ladder in order to attain more knowledge and inculcate it into our students.


We have gone through successful education in various fields of studies from *GOVERNMENT ACCREDITED UNIVERSITIES (BOTH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE)* to obtain our first degree however, it’s very sad to note that since completion of school after some years,we have still not been upgraded. THREE CATEGORIES OF TEACHERS are gathered here today, Who are EMPLOYEES of GES, MoE and The government of Ghana.

1. Professional teachers who have obtained first Degree from accredited universities both public and private who must be upgraded from:

(a) Senior Superintendent I to Principal Superintendent.

(b) Senior Superintendent II to Principal Superintendent.

2. Pupil Teachers who have also completed their education from Private and public universities and other colleges of Education who must be upgraded to Senior Superintendent II.

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We are by this release requesting that all teachers who have duly gone through the procedures and processes and have/have not obtained letters of upgrading from the DIRECTOR GENERAL OF EDUCATION through Regional, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Directors of Education to be upgraded within a matter of urgency.
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we see no reason why this unfair treatment is been hanged on us. We must also place on record that our mother associations which include GNAT AND CCT are aware of this unfair situation and nothing has been done about it. We must say Some of our colleagues who even completed since 2015 have not even received their upgrading letters.

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Ladies and gentlemen of the press, you are aware that if a teacher is not economically , emotionally, physically,and psychologically sound among others, it will be very difficult to build a holistic child in our various schools for the betterment of our dear country Ghana. We call on GES, our immediate employer to treat and accord us the necessary RESPECT, FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE by serving us well in order for us to serve well .We thank you for your attention men and women of the media. We believe this press release will reach the attention of the appropriate quarters for them to take the needed action.
Thank you.


Opoku Michael
Ashanti Regional Convener / PRO

Amponsah Emmanuel
Bono East Regional Convener/PRO

Ampadu Dominic
Eastern Regional Convener/PRO

Patience Arthur
Central Regional Convener/PRO

Opoku Benjamin
Ahafo Regional Convener/PRO


  1. This wouldn’t go anywhere since the employer will respond by saying that they did not approve on their request for study leave or did not seek approval for further studies. It’s only in Ghana that the employer has to give you permission to upgrade yourself, hahaha 😆.


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