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PROFILE: Get To Know More About Reynold Adjei And How He Had An Encounter With Jesus Christ


PROFILE: Get To Know More About Reynold Adjei And How He Had An Encounter With Jesus Christ


My name is Reynold Adjei and I’m privileged to tell you about myself and my journey as a Christian. I was born in Accra and have lived in Accra all my life except for when I went to Winneba for my certificate in music theory.


My parents are both Rev Ministers, my Dad being the founding Pastor of God’s Tabernacle of Praise Chapel at Firestone, Madina. I’m the second of five and blessed to have siblings who are musicians and writers as well. I remember when we were teens, my big brother and I would compose songs from the scriptures but just end it there. It wasn’t anything serious though I can recall a couple of the songs we composed.


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Then I had a dream where I was conducting a choir which was quite funny because even as I write this, I don’t have the voice to sing; I write and produce my songs but get members from my crew to sing them. Then later on, my Mom came home with an NLT Bible and that changed my life. Interestingly anytime I opened the Bible to Psalms, songs will just flow from them I’ll sing them.



Those were some special days! But the thing is without the Bible, I was just ordinary. I couldn’t write anything. Then I had one song somewhere in JHS or early SHS which translates as “it will be well again“. So that song and another one with the Psalms were all that I had. Then the miraculous happened! In my final year in the university, in fact in my final semester when I was working on my project, I woke up one dawn and just when I was about to head to the wall to switch on the light, my spiritual eyes together with my ears opened and I saw this Man about 6″2 with blood dripping from His hands.




He wore pure white robe and behind Him were myriads and myriads of people in the same white robes singing a very beautiful song about the blood of Jesus. So I knew the One in front was no other than Jesus Himself. That was the first experience I had in my music journey.




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It was simply amazing and very emotional too. I took my phone and recorded exactly the song I’d heard them sing. Similar experiences followed with my first single “Ye Da W’ase” and a couple of others and since then, it’s been avalanche of songs pouring in. I have over six hundred songs now without exaggeration and God is still being faithful.


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My goal is to work with choirs, Christian Music groups, upcoming artistes and established artistes in order to fulfill my God given mandate. And I also mentor upcoming poets and songwriters cos I believe that what we receive freely must be shared freely just as Jesus said. That will be all for now. Cheers.



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