Home News Residents appeal for reconstruction of bridge over Adotim Tawia River

Residents appeal for reconstruction of bridge over Adotim Tawia River


Residents appeal for reconstruction of bridge over Adotim Tawia River

The residents of Anwomaso High Tension in the Oforikrom municipality of the Ashanti Region have appealed to government to reconstruct the bridge over the Adotim and Tawia River to promote economic activities in the area.

That would enable the drivers plying the road to get unhindered access during the rainy season because the drivers from Emena had to divert their route through to Anwomaso High Tension and other parts of the communities during the rainy season.

On the other hand drivers from Anwomaso High Tension had to divert their route through Emena-Boadi and in addition traders and government workers in the two sister towns could not cross to their working places at locations beyond the bridge.

The residents made the appeal in an interview with the Silver FM’s Akwadaa Nyame on Monday 12, 10- 2020 when some of the residents took the reporter to the scene to witness the situation.

The bridge had been submerged as the two River had overflowed its banks and therefore vehicles could not ply the road.

Mr Jones Antwi Bosiako resident of Anwomaso High Tension and a member of landlord associationa, explained to the Silver FM that “the two River overflows its bank anytime it’s rain as a result of heavy rains but the size of the bridge is not wide and long enough, hence the flooding on the road during those times”.

He repeated the appeal to government for the reconstruction of the bridge to make it wider and longer to be able to contain the flood waters, claiming that, one of the bridge was built 20 years ago had never been rehabilitated while the other one was built just a few months ago but because of the lazy work done by the contractor, the bridge can not hold the water when ever it’s rain.

The Adotim River takes its source from Ejisu municipality while Tawia River takes its source from Oforikrom Municipality.
The Two River further passes through some municipalities and some districts in the Ashanti Region.
The assembly member in the area who double as a presiding member of the Oforikrom municipal Assembly Hon Frank Frimpong alias F.F blamed the contractor for such a shody work because the drains constructed at the roadside has developed some cracks while some parts of it’s had wash away.

Call Hon Frank Frimpong 024 4461633 Resident Jones Antwi Bosiako 024 448 7991



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