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Road minister angry with engineer over badly made Nsuotem bridge in the Efigya Kwabre North district


Mr. Kwesi Amoako-Atta, the road minister demonstrated  indignation upon discovering during an expedition of the Ashanti Region, that a recently constructed bridge has been washed away by the rains.

The Nsuotem Bridge in the Efigya Kwabre North District was put up just before the rains this year, but caved in following a current torrent of rain.

Mr. Amoako-Atta couldn’t hide his wrath after seeing the happening.

“Which engineer supervised this kind of dirty work? Which engineer? I am really surprised of what has happened here. It was under whose supervision, let them cover it. Government cannot waste resources on such useless works. Which engineer supervised it? errh which engineer? Tell me. Where is he? Is he still in the system?” Amoako-Atta asked.

The Minister also instructed the engineer who was responsible for the construction of the bridge to report to his office on Monday, May 23.

“Invite him to report to me in the office on Monday,” the Minister said. He assured residents that government will urgently treat the situation and fix the bridge as soon as it can.

Meanwhile, MP for Afigya Kwabre North, Collins Adomako who reported the incident to the Roads Minister says the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has closed the road to ensure safety of residents.

“Let me say thank You to the Minister for a very swift response to my request…Currently, the NADMO officials in collaboration with the District have mounted a closure of that particular road, because when we got there, some of the engineers did indicate that even the places that have not caved in were not safe for people to walk in and that particular section of the road has been closed down,” he told JoyNews.


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