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Robbers Run Away with GH¢1million After Killing Two Workers at A Gold Shop


The Eastern Regional Police Command is on the lookout for six armed robbers who allegedly made off with GH1 million after robbing a gold shop in AsamangTamfoe, in the region’s Atiwa East Municipality. The unmasked robbers are said to have fired weapons randomly throughout the 11-minute broad-daylight operation, killing two people and making off with at least GH1 million in cash. The two people in the site, including Kenneth Ampem, the security guard, were shot and killed in the process. The other guy, who was shot while the robbers were fleeing, has yet to be identified.

When CrimeNews.com arrived on the scene, scores of neighbors and passers-by had gathered to assist Ghana Police Service officers with their investigations.

Prince Kwame Asamoah, the company’s Executive Director, has urged the police to step up their investigations into the crime, adding, “We are praying that our security will work on it so they can bring the offenders to justice.” It’s quite depressing.” Meanwhile, other AsamanTamfoe residents said they were traumatized and living in fear after witnessing the daylight crime. In a statement, police stated they were undertaking an anti-robbery operation to apprehend the criminals.


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