Home News SAD: A Lady In Her 30s Commits Suicide In Bimbilla 

SAD: A Lady In Her 30s Commits Suicide In Bimbilla 


SAD: A Lady In Her 30s Commits Suicide In Bimbilla 

Whiles everybody was busy preparing to go to their work places yesterday early tmorning in Bimbilla in the northern region, the people of Yepalsi electoral area were thrown into a state of shock as a lady in her early 30s Committed suicide.


The deceased, a mother of five whose name was given to Bead FM 99.9Mhz as Bamunu, a local radio station in the Bimbilla municipality, is believed to have married to Afa Suale Abubakari both risiding in Yepalsi, a suburb of Bimbila.

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A report by Bead FM suggests that, an eye witness who was at the scene indicated it was a little born of the deceased who upon return from school saw his mother hanging with a rope around her neck to a Mongo tree in their compound.

What a shock, he shouted so laud with tears all over pointing to the direction of his mother and this drew the attention of their neighbors to the unfortunate incident.

Abubakari Hamzah is another eye witness who also recalled that, the woman for some days now had gone into hiding.

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The report also confirmed that, the deceased (Bamunu) owned a colossal amount of money to her colleague business partner who constantly put pressure on her for the money.

This has made the deceased run to hide in the bush and only return home later in the night when everyone has gone to bed.

According to the Bead FM report, the immediate family members have refused to give any comments on the incident.

However, police have since given the remains of Bamunu to the Bimbilla hospital for onwards transfer to the family for burial in accordance to Islamic customs.

Source: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma – +233 544099444


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