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Signs of a cheating wife

If you’re beginning to feel like your wife is being unfaithful, there are a few signs to look for that might suggest she’s cheating.



1. There is no intimacy

When someone is cheating, the intimacy you have will seem to fade. They probably are rejecting you in the bedroom and you feel like there is no longer a sexual connection between you. You have no sex life at all. If this becomes a prominent problem, then it may mean that your partner is cheating.

2. Your marriage is suddenly the best it has ever been

When your marriage is too great out of nowhere, after you have been struggling or you’ve been having a bad marriage experience, can indicate that your partner is cheating on you because they are overcompensating to make things better than they actually are.




3. They are very secretive with their phone

Technology has intensified the cheating scheme. Even though spouses shouldn’t be looking at each other’s phones because there is that unyielding trust between spouses.

When someone is cheating, they are often overly protective of their phone. They are trying to hide something. You may even catch them making mysterious phone calls. And sometimes, you can be caught, especially when you have access to so much social media.


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4. They accuse you of cheating

When someone is cheating, they quickly turn the conversation around onto their partner by accusing them of cheating. This gas lighting technique is used to take the focus off them and their behaviour.

5. They try to avoid any conversation about their possible cheating

When you bring up their cheating behaviour, they immediately get defensive, angry, and start gas lighting. You may even notice that they stop talking to you and seem distanced emotionally.

6. They have cheated before

It’s true, once a person is a cheater, they will always be a cheater.



7. You find birth control

If you find condoms or other forms of birth control that you do not use, then it could indicate that your partner is cheating. Or, they could be secretly keeping themselves from getting pregnant, if they don’t want to try to get pregnant with you, especially if you decided to start trying.


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What to do if you think your wife is cheating

If you suspect your partner is cheating, there are a few things you can do to find out for sure.

1. Find their hidden social media accounts, dating apps, and their recent locations

Something you should know is that cheaters usually have more than one social media or dating account that you have no clue that they have. According to a study, 67% of all cheaters who used social media to cheat used Facebook.

Also, be aware that there are specific sites that are designated to helping wives cheat. Ashley Madison is one of the biggest sites that women use to cheat on their husbands.



2. Hire a private investigator

This is the most expensive option that you have to catch your partner cheating. Private investigators are really good about getting the information you want without getting caught. But their fees range from at least $40-$100 per hour plus their travel expenses.



3. Show up unannounced

Drop by unannounced sometime when she is at work or go home early. Surprise her. If your partner is hiding something, they will appear surprised and can be angry instead of welcoming you home with a big smile and hug. And if she is doing something behind your back, then you can very well catch her in the act.



Can a cheating wife be trusted?

It may be a while before you are able to trust your partner again after they have cheated on you, but it’s something that could be redeemed after a while with the right actions. All hope doesn’t have to be lost, you can learn to trust your wife again.

How do you treat a cheating wife?

Firstly, you don’t want to act out of your emotions, so take a little while to get yourself under control. You don’t want to make any irrational decisions and make sure you do what you can to try and save your marriage before you walk away.

Next, if you have children, you have to carefully approach the situation. Remember, she is their mother. You don’t have to tell your children what happened and do not make them choose sides. It’s a hard enough situation to have parents that are fighting, even worse if you decide on divorce as your only option. Don’t try to turn your kids against her either, it’s just not right.

Above all else, make sure your kids know that you love them, that you will do everything in your power to be there for them, and spend time with them. Don’t let your relationship with their mother keep you from paying attention to your children.


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If you both want to try and save your marriage, go to couples counseling or a support group. This is a way to work through your feelings of disdain and hatred from her cheating. This may give you a chance to heal and reconcile your marriage.

And lastly, you must forgive her, even though it’s the hardest thing you could possibly do. You have to forgive her for yourself. You will not benefit from being angry at her. It will only hurt you in the long run. You have to let go of the anger, bitterness, and any grudges you may have for her.

This will either give you a chance to file for divorce and move on to another relationship or fix your marriage if you want to stay because she is the love of your life.


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