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TEACHERS: 20 Standard-Based Lessons Monitoring Checklist of Supervisors


20 Standard-Based Lessons Monitoring Checklist of Supervisors

The Standard-based lessons monitoring checklist of supervisors in public schools is a tall list which the teacher must consider for the success of lessons and the monitoring aspect.
Within the public pre-tertiary schools, the role of the school supervisors in monitoring standard-based lessons is key.
It can come with stress if the teacher is not fully prepared for the supervision.
The Supervisor’s monitoring checklist for public school teachers has been suggested by the Informed Teachers Network (ITN)
The ITN is a network of dedicated educators who are passionate about increasing their impact on education through acquiring and sharing education-related information through writings and engaging in advocacy.

20 Standard-based lessons monitoring checklist of public school supervisors

Use this checklist to monitor your standard-based lessons.

1. Learner plan should be ready and available on sight.
2. Teaching and learning materials or resources are available, lesson appropriate, and adequate
3. Evidence that the teacher has mastered and planned how and when to use the of TLRs during the lesson.
4. Tell pupils the objective for the lesson at the start of every lesson.
5. Demonstrate mastery of the content and being on top of issues.
6. Classroom arrangement should be different from the traditional method but appropriate for the lesson.
7. Take pupils through all three phases. Starter, new learning, and plenary.
8. Uses creative and interesting activities or strategies as a starter to draw pupils’ attention and creates learning readiness.
9. Deliver lessons systematically, explicitly, and confidently using level-appropriate vocabulary.
10.Act as a facilitator and guide learning rather than spoon-feeding.
11. Pay attention to individual differences and make sure nobody is left behind.
12. Provide an opportunity for learners to communicate, collaborate, think critically and creatively.
13.Employ learner-centered or activity-based methods in teaching.
14. Assess at all phases of the lesson.
15. Assessment items should be tailored to assess all the core competencies.
16. Allow pupils to perform differentiated tasks if the need be and at their own pace.
17. Let pupils reflect at the plenary phase of every lesson to determine whether the lesson objective has been achieved.
18. Integrate and encourage the use of information and communication technology tools in the teaching and learning process.
19.Use positive disciplinary tools.
20. Create a learner-friendly environment where all pupils are free to motivate to learn, explore and reach their full potential.
Keep the Standard-based lessons monitoring checklist. LET THIS BE YOUR GUIDE AND YOUR LEARNERS WILL BE PROUD OF YOU.
Source: Informed Teachers Network (ITN)


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