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These People Have Really Spoiled My Life – Caleb Kudah


A citi Fm/TV journalist who was arrested last Month in a Rambo style at his work place by national security officers for filming a security zone has to today taken to his official Facebook account the teases and stares he receive from people whenever they sees him.
Caleb Kudah who is a host of backpage and about town programs at citi TV says some basic school pupils stared at him today when he went to legon to do some work there.
According to Mr. Caleb he is confused now, and don’t know as to whether the beaten or the teases from people which hurt him much.
“ These people have really ‘spoilt my life’. I came to legon to do some work! My professors teased me saa. I left to night Market and the pupils from the basic school kept staring. I ask if they know me and they say oh yeah! The guy who was beaten!
Now I don’t know which one hurt more: the beaten or the talk of it! Hmmm God give me patience na my people have get me “ he wrote.
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By: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma.


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