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Think Twice Before You Reject A Man Who Loves You – Reno Omokri Advises Single Ladies




Think Twice Before You Reject A Man Who Loves You – Reno Omokri Advises Single Ladies




Sometimes it’s often common to see lovely partners move apart simply because the man could not afford the lifestyle the lady wants to live. Some ladies at some point have to Compelled their partners or boyfriend just to provide them the luxury life they want.




The big question is, what if your suppose boyfriend do not have what it takes for you to live that kind of luxurious lifestyle you are probably yenning for?
A good and lovely relationship sometimes hit the rock just because the man is man is not capable.




Should you break up with your boyfriend if he can not afford you a Brazilian hair, turkey wear and all the fashionable lifestyle you intend to live, but can only provide you with good life? No! This will be ridiculous if you know very well that, the man really loves you.
In this article we bring to you a strong relationship advise from Mr. Reno Omokri to all single ladies.




Reno says that, single ladies should try to forgo their lifestyle and live the good but simple life that one’s boyfriend or partner intend to give you. Hence there is more wisdom to downplay your lifestyle and keep the love he has for you.



According to Reno Omokri, love is real but lifestyle is just a style. It’s always a good decision to go in for the love than the lifestyle.
The socialite advises that, single ladies should sometimes think twice before rejecting a man who truly loves them just because you want a lifestyle he can’t afford.
He said there no point of wisdom in a decision to reject your partner because he could not afford a fake human hair.




Mr Reno Omokri is a popular Nigerian Socialite, a media personality and activist. In a post on his official Facebook page he said, “ Dear single ladies, if a guy who loves you can not afford your lifestyle, but can still afford to give you a good life, it makes more sense to downscale your lifestyle and upgrade your love”



He further said, “ Love is real. Lifestyle is just a style. For example, think twice before rejecting a guy who loves you simply because he can’t afford the human hair on your head. In that situation, it is even better to reject your expensive human hair and go natural. Where is the wisdom in rejecting real love because of fake hair? ” he Quizzed.


Check his post below :




Reno Omokri is well known of his relationship and general life coaching.
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By: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma/trendingghana.net


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