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TUTORIALS: 4 Easy Steps To Reverse Your Airtime Into Mobile Money


TUTORIALS: 4 Easy Steps To Reverse Your Airtime Into Mobile Money


Errors and mistakes are part of human life in this world. And no one can be perfect throughout his or her life in all his or her dealings till death. That is why even the Bible gives us the chance to repent whenever we sin.


This article aims at educating the public on how to reverse your airtime back to cash or mobile money when you mistaken.



Below are the 4 easy steps to reverse your airtime into mobile money.

You have to first use the code below.

  1. Dial *170#

After dialing the above code, follow the message option on your phone’s screen and select 6 as below.

  1. Select option 6

And again, select option 6 with the airtime reversal as shown below

  1. Select option 7

The last option is to complete the process by selecting option 1 as indicated below

  1. Select option 1

Congratulations, you are done with the process in the conversion of your airtime to cash.

However, for you to be able to get this process done successfully, these conditions or requirements need to be met.

The reversal transaction should be completed within 72 hours after the wrong transaction.

The reversal cannot be effected if it was not done directly from your mobile money wallet. It is always advisable to use the wallet to buy bundles or credit so that any errors can be corrected easily.

The amount to be reversed must be above Ten Ghana Cedis (GHS 10). This means the amount should not be below Ghc10 else the process can not be done.

The reversal must be done in full and not partial. For example, if you erroneously bought an airtime of Ghc50, you cannot reverse say Ghc30 but you have to reverse all the amount in full.

You must make sure that you do not use part of the airtime if you have any intention of reversing it.

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