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Ukrain President Zelensky & Biden put their united front on display after major White House meeting




Ukrain President Zelensky & Biden put their united front on display after major White House meeting


US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky displayed a united front on their approach to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine as Zelensky makes a dramatic visit to the United States.


” I suppose. we partake the exact same vision, and that a free, independent, prosperous and secure Ukraine is the vision– we both want this war to end,” Biden told intelligencers in theWhiteHous’se East Room.



Zelensky– embarking on his first trip outside his motherland since it was raided 300 days agone — arrived in Washington on Wednesday, where he met with Biden in the Oval Office for lengthy exchanges about a path forward in Ukraine and subsequently held a common news conference at the White House.




The visit came as the Biden administration announced it’s transferring nearly$ 2 billion in fresh security backing to Ukraine, including a sophisticated new air defense system. At the launch of the news conference, Biden bear that he felt it was” particularly meaningful” to speak to Zelensky in person and” look each other in the eye.” The Ukrainian president’s leadership, Biden said, has inspired the world.



” We understand in our bones that Ukraine’s fight is part of commodity much bigger,” Biden continued. Biden said Zelensky has shown his” strong stage against aggression in the face of the proud favors of autocrats,” and said the US was standing alongside Ukraine in maintaining” core principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


During the news conference, Biden told CNN’s Phil Mattingly that the pellet system– called the Patriot system– is defensive, not escalatory.


Zelensky said the system is” commodity that will strengthen our air defense significantly.” ” Every bone of this investment for the United States is going to be a strengthening of global security and I know that the American leadership will be strong and will play important part in global compass,” Zelensky added. He also suggested Ukraine would want further of the systems. Both Biden and Zelensky addressed the Russians during the news conference, with the Ukranian president constantly calling Russian forces of” terrorists” and Biden emphasizing the significance of being” clear” about Russia’s conduct. ” It’s designedly attacking Ukraine critical structure, destroying the system to give heat and light( to) Ukrainian people during the coldest, darkest part of the time. Russia is using time-out as a ordnance, indurating people, starving people, cutting them off from one another,”



Biden said. The war, Biden subsequently said,” could end moment if Putin had any quality at all and did the right thing and just. pulled out. But that isn’t gon na be.” The trip, which US and Ukrainian officers arranged in secret over the formerly week, came with heavy risks.


After arriving in Poland by train, Zelensky flew to Washington aboard an American military aircraft, US officers said. He arrived in the US shortly after noon at Joint Base Andrews, just outside the nation’s capital


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