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URGENT NOTICE: Are You A Ghanaian Teacher? Read This Good News.



1. GNAT STMA has a new secretary by name Mr. Daniel Adjei.

2. Teacher’s Fund loan interest rate has been reduced to 16% from 18%.

3. GNAT is 90 years hence would be celebrated next year 2021. Theme for celebration “GNAT@90, surviving as a reliable and vibrant Teacher Union in the 21ST CENTURY”.

4. GNAT CTF is also 60 years and would also be celebrated next year 2021.

5. GNAT Retirement benefit for teachers now stand at an amount of GH¢ 2,500. So all teachers who go on retirement must apply through their District Office of GNAT to get their benefit.

6. GNAT Death benefit also stands at GH¢ 2,500. Family members of teachers must equally apply through GNAT STMA and attach either a Death Certificate or a burial Certificate to get the benefit.

7. Teachers must also apply for their teacher’s Fund benefit through any GNAT District Office across Ghana to claim their benefit when they go on retirement.

8. GNAT NDC (National Donations Committee)

This is a committee instituted by GNAT to assist teachers in need of financial assistance due to certain conditions eg. Sickness, accident, armed robbery attack, fire outbreak which led to loss of properties etc.

Any teacher who applied for such benefits must attach evidence like police report, hospital report etc depending on your situation.

9. GNAT is collaborating with a Housing Company to put up buildings for teachers across GHANA. Of which the teachers would pay within a stipulated time frame. Negotiation is ongoing so teachers would be updated in due course.

10. Per the agreement between GNAT and government, the professional development allowance was not supposed to be taxed. Government have been petitioned concerning taxing the allowance. So the association is waiting for the response from government.

11. GES have issued a communique refusing to upgrade teachers who did not seek for permission before upgrading themselves. The Union have spoken against it so such teachers would be upgraded.

12. GNAT have acquired the SWEDISH GHANA MEDICAL CENTRE specifically for the treatment of cancer.

Any teacher who is a contributor (GH¢2.00) for the cancer stand to benefit from treatment of cancer at a such a facility. Any relative of contributors also benefit free from treatment of any form of cancer.

13. Aptitude test has come to stay so teachers due for promotion must prepare themselves to sit for the exams and also promoted depending on the results.

14. Any teacher due for any form of responsibility allowance would be paid in due course.

15. The Collective Agreement for Teaching Staff within the GES has been renewed effective January, 2020.

All teachers would be issued with a copy each of the COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT when school resumes.


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