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VIDEO: “All I need is support”-Ntonso weaver




“All I need is support”-Ntonso weaver


“I was born into weaving here at Ntonso noted for the craft. Growing up I learnt the trade from my father. Since age 15 I’ve been an active weaver. It is not lucrative because I don’t have the needed capital to invest but at least I make ends meet with the little from what I produce. All I need is support. I applied for the NBSSI loan but for several months now I keep getting messages of assurance. Some I applied for the loans ahead of have had their mobile money wallets credited with their loans and they are doing well with their business. I trust that your advocacy will reach the authorities to save me from my financial plight,” 44-year Obeng Mensah spoke to Learning Matters.


The picture is not different as far as the livelihoods of Mr. Mensah’s compatriots are concerned.


From dawn to dusk it is predominantly weaving at Ntonso at Kwabre East in Ashanti region of Ghana. Ntonso is home of the popular but less developed Adinkra Craft Village which attracts tourists from far and near. Apatamu is another household name at Ntonso where every type of kente cloth and other irresistibly woven indigenous fabrics are designed with age old and newly created adinkra symbols that depict the rich Asante heritage.


Watch the video below :


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