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We produce “avoidable graduates” -APC’s Hassan Ayariga at it again!


Sat|Nov 14|2020

We produce “avoidable graduates”
-APC’s Hassan Ayariga at it again!

“We have the Nkrumah style of educational system those days: Read, write and pass exams; the students are no more creative and innovative… they become avoidable graduates instead of absorbable graduates. When they come out of school because it’s a teaching, passing and learning exams they themselves become a burden to society and they’re running around with documents called certificates looking for jobs,” presidential candidate for All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, spoke on Offinso-based Life FM in Ashanti region of Ghana Thursday.



Mr. Ayariga added that due to our poor educational system our graduates cannot create jobs and with creative and innovative minds to manage them as done in China and elsewhere.



On grammar and technical education, the outspoken politician emphasised that the latter is doing better on the job market than the former and called for a robust review of our educational system he will administer when Ghanaians vote him as the next president on December 07.

Writer: Osei Kuffour, Freelance



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